Create an avatar image with a green check mark 2024

Tạo ảnh avatar facebook dấu tích xanh Online
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Select avatar type

Create avatar with blue check mark

How to?
- Select avatar type and check/uncheck border radius
- Press select image to generate avatar check mark
- Next crop image and get result

Tool to create avatar with a green check mark

The green tick on Facebook/Zalo/Tiktok is a sign of Facebook/Zalo/Tiktok to authenticate the account, which can be a genuine personal account or a Fanpage. Usually, green ticks are used to endorse accounts of famous people, or of an organization or brand of great stature. Therefore, in order to own a green tick, you need to have many followers, your name must appear in many reputable newspapers, ... This is something not everyone can do.

However, today you can also own a green tick (fake only) or a tick with the Vietnamese flag very easily easily with this avatar maker with blue / red ticks in just a few minutes. Basic and easy steps to follow as instructions above.

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